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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chloe's Random Alliterations

  1. Dancing dolphins dazzling during daytime
  2. Crazy crocodiles crawling like crabs
  3. Enormous elephants eating enormous eggplant
  4. Big bears bathing at Bondi Beach 
  5. Lazy lions like laughing at leprechauns 
  6. Tricky tigers try to taser technicians, they also teased them terribly 
  7. Fred flew from France to Florence 
  8. My mum makes me my meals every Monday
  9. Dinosaurs don’t admire dramatic dolphins doing dives
  10. Dinosaurs do admire dolphins with direction difficulties
  11. The traffic light tried to toilet train the terrified turtle
  12. The tumultuous tissue tried to terrorize trembling teenagers
  13. Whales wash away waste with wet wipes
  14. Alcohol may become an appalling addiction 
  15. Dudes don’t desire dirty drains or dragons
  16. Helpless, horrendous humans have horrible health
  17. Awkward Aliens abseil across Asian airspace
  18. Confused camels controlling crazy crocodiles
  19. Orange orangutans openly organising opals offensively
  20. Impulsive Indians interestingly immerse in ice

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